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A New Season

Hey Everybody! It's Joy Melody, and I am elated and grateful that my first album release, "Fill Me Up,Oh God," is being released December 1st, before the close of the year! Recognizing 2018 as the Year of Possession, I embrace 2019 as the Year of Abundance and New Birth.

God has really brought forth a refreshing in my life and a lot of new birth; my recent marriage in 2016, the birth of my youngest baby boy Israel in 2017 and now, the release of my first album, Fill Me Up, Oh God! This is my heart cry when I look around and see all of the negativity in our society. I know that when we walk in the Spirit, we can release the overflow in every atmosphere that we frequent.

I want to celebrate with all of you that are rejoicing over the blessings of the Lord whether it was a house, a car, a promotion, a healing, spiritual growth and development, or a newfound way of perceiving who God has called you to be.

I also want to encourage those who don't feel like their life resembles abundance at all, but rather an overflow of disappointment, heart ache and pain. I believe that God can take the cursed thing and make it a blessing. When the enemy comes in, like a flood, the Lord will lift up a standard against him. That scripture doesn't say that the enemy comes in like a flood. It's saying that the Lord will lift up a standard like a flood! I'm agreeing with you that the divine, supernatural power of God will supercede any and every attack of the devil to sustain you and to cause you to be victorious in the long run.

The important aspect of new birth is making sure that you maintain stewardship over your current responsibilities while fully embracing the new ones God is assigning to your life.

As a new baby enters into a family, the family dynamic completely shifts and everyone has to adapt and welcome the new life that has entered into the family.

In our walk with God, He wants to give us the abundant life; the Zoe life (in the Greek, that the Bible refers to) in John 10:10. In this life, there is fullness and abundance, and overflowing of everything that is good; the fruit of the Spirit, and favor and blessing over you, your family, and everyone attached to you.

However, there's also an increase of challenges during your Season of Abundance. As I have prayed the Prayer of Jabez, Lord enlarge my territory, I realize that to whom much is given, much is required. If we want more, we must be able to handle more; more chal‐ lenges, more situations, and more responsibilities, with the ability to problem solve and be solution focused.

As we enter this next Season of Increase, this Season of Abundance, this next Season of Overflow, let's embrace our role as the light of the world that shines in the midst of darkness. Wherever there's darkness, our light should bring hope and encouragement. Let's allow the Light of God on the inside of us to fill us up until we overflow; overflow in our families, amongst our loved ones, on our jobs, within our businesses, within our communities, within our political influence and every area and aspect of our lives. We must execute our authority in this earth realm to release love, joy and peace every opportunity that we get because we have a mandate as ambassadors for Christ to influence our society in a tangible way.

I pray that this project will be refreshing, catchy, fun and anointed, and function as a vehicle to usher you into the Presence of God in a very practical way. I love you real big and I thank you in advance for your ministry love and support! See you at the top!

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